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Michael Fox is a professional coach and trainer, author and award-winning creative artist, whose work has been featured throughout the world. Early in life, Michael discovered within—and developed—a unique combination of gifts including leadership, communication, personal development, and creativity that compelled him to form his own company in 1989. As a coach, Michael’s distinctive gifts intersect with his greatest passion: to invite and to empower individuals and teams to step into their vision and to live their values. Michael received his training and certication from the “Ivy League” school of coaching, The Coaches Training Institute.

A client with twenty-years of history with Michael testies, “Michael has a rare talent of distilling
information and clearly communicating its substance both audibly and visually.”

Michael’s endeavors have included the following eclectic offerings:

  • a respected coach and mentor for individual clients and leaders of for-profit and not-for-profit sectors of business and community;
  • developed curriculum and conducted training courses in leadership and other related skills for Christian churches throughout twenty-five states;
  • authored and published books on personal and leadership development for the Christian market;
  • developed coaching curriculum for The Coaches Training Institute and for his proprietary use including the following programs: Hands; m•power m•body m•ploy m•agine!; Heart, Soul, Mind &
  • Strength; and Values • Vision • Voice;
  • assisted numerous industries—companies with distribution outlets throughout the world in product design and development;
  • served as a Trustee and Chairman for numerous not-for-profits.

The Chairman and CEO of one of the country’s top telecommunications company, an executive coaching client, offers this appraisal: “Michael is intelligent, an outstanding writer, and more importantly, exhibits the highest levels of honesty and integrity. I have known Michael for a number of years and I recommend him…without any reservations.”

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